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December 2022 Updates

Two nice things have happened with my music this month:

Radio play local undeground FM radio station Radio Centraal

Last night, a local radio DJ who goes by the pseudonym "Ernst H.Störzhendr" played my track "Dress Up" on his eclectic weekly show "The Horny Hour". This track was published on one of my earlier albums, May I Feel.

The playlist can be found here, and you can listen to the whole show again by clicking on the image below:

Radio Centraal

Track Used in Short Student Film "My Friend Marlow"

Earlier this week, I was pleased to discover that the track "Your Play" from my latest album, Mons was used in a student film project. The music is used in a short film titled "My Friend Marlow", written and directed by A. Cayrafourcq. You can see the film by clicking on the still below:


There are some clear David Lynch influences in the film. I'm proud to have contributed to it.

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